Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fish Stew

I have never made a fish stew before.  I like fish but I've never been an adventurous cook in this area.  Mainly because I usually cook in quantity so I don't have to cook often and fish never seems to reheat all that well.  I did find a recipe that sounded easy and wanted to give it a try. 


The main problem I ran into was that I bought the fish on the morning I had to cook it and I had to buy it frozen and the cod didn't thaw out completely by the time I was cooking.  I soaked it and got it mostly thawed and tossed it in the pot as it was.  It turned out a little chewy and I'm guessing that is why.  It also seemed a little bit bland the first time I ate it so the second time around I added some oregano and basil and thought it was a big improvement.  I also thought zucchini would be a great addition to this recipe.  The flavor would be great and it could use a touch of different color.  All and all, I wouldn't mind trying this again with those modifications.  Here's a photo of my finished attempt:

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