Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crescent Roll Taco Pizza

Sometimes I look for a recipe based on what I've had in the freezer too long.  I had some ground turkey I needed to cook up so I thought I'd give this recipe a try.


I had a few minor issues making this.  I don't like using metal cooking pans as they have a tendency to rust on me when I wash them, so I used a glass casserole dish instead.  I have no idea if this influenced the way this cooked or not, I don't really think so.  Two containers of crescent rolls was a little too much, I had some left over so I layered the extra on some areas that seemed a bit thin. Also, the ingredients list included a small jalepeno pepper but the instructions never indicated where it should go so I stuck it in with the ground turkey after it was done browning.  I also added a little extra cheese on the top, just because I love cheesy toppings.  I thought this turned out pretty good.  I should have let it sit a little while before dishing out the first serving as it fell apart when I scooped it out.  The jalapeno gave it a pretty good kick and the crescent roll crust was really good.  The calorie count on this is pretty low and it has enough variety of ingredients for good flavor so I think I would try this one again.  It was fast and easy to make.

My finished result

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